Where We Work

Stewardship of Christian Ministries (Ministerios Cristianos de Mayordomia) promotes income generation, savings, and business growth among over 1,000 entrepreneurs in Nueva Suyapa, a marginalized neighborhood outside of Tegucigalpa. For over 15 years, MCM has facilitated community development programs in education, healthcare, counseling for domestic violence victims, as well as mentoring and training for micro entrepreneurs. Since 2005, North American businesspeople of Partners Worldwide have helped grow the SME loan fund at MCM and have mentored many SMEs that excelled in the micro-credit program and have the capacity to expand beyond traditional micro-credit and create more jobs in their communities.
Diaconia Nacional (DN) provides capital, business training, and mentoring to nearly 700 micro and small business owners and members in San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa, Choluteca, and Olancho. As the social outreach arm of the Christian Reformed Church of Honduras, DN works in community development in partnership with the CRC Reformed churches in different areas. Members also participate in business training offered by local mentors and staff in accounting and finance, productive leadership, and business planning. Since 2005, North American partners have built upon the micro-credit program by raising funds for the SME loan portfolio and by actively mentoring many of the small and medium entrepreneurs of DN who have the capacity to compete in the larger marketplace and thereby create more jobs as they grow.
Business Covenant Network, is a ministry of business entrepreneurs of Life Abundant Church in Tegucigalpa. Entrepreneurs “in covenant” arises from the covenant made to Abraham in Genesis 12:2 “I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing”. This way Business Covenant Network pretends to create a new generation of entrepreneurs committed and living according to God’s covenant. Their goal is not to only reach out to entrepreneurs, but start with the economic pillar of society to reach all levels of the Honduran society (family, state, civil, etc). The ministry started in 2007 through the vision of the senior pastor Dr. Evelio Reyes, who found the need of reaching out to business entrepreneurs and design a ministry focused to walk along with them.

Farmer to Farmer- Nicaragua began in 2002 with a shared vision to empower landless Nicaraguan farmers in the areas around Matagalpa and Boaco. Today, this partnership includes 100 farmers operating on seven shared land banks. They also expand their businesses with training; sustainable farming; and access to capital to purchase seed, equipment and property. As a result of the training, many now grow high-value crops, roast and export coffee, and have installed community water systems. Since 2002, North American partners with experience in agriculture production have offered mentoring and encouragement in their shared language- a mutual love for the land. 

Cuenca Partners began in 2011 as the shared vision of Ecuadorian church leaders and North American business professionals to engage successful businesspeople, using their skills to serve others and meet the needs of small entrepreneurs in the southern mountain region of Ecuador. This vibrant organization under the stewardship of the Verbo Christian Church of Cuenca provides basic business training, a growing mentoring program, and access to capital through a local savings and loan cooperative. Additionally, Cuenca Partners is creating a network of Christian businesses and gives business-oriented workshops on topics such as Christian stewardship, financial literacy, sales, and servant leadership. 
Kaya, which means "tomorrow" in the native Kichwa language, works to ensure a bright future for subsistence farming families in the Amazon rainforest of eastern Ecuador.  While preserving the tropical rainforest surrounding their farms and pastures, jungle farmers are learning to create community forest savings banks, become innovative, entrepreneurial leaders, and improve their farming techniques.  Partnering with North American farmers and local government and community leaders, Kaya seeks to improve farm yields, and increase value chain connections, and promote alternative income sources so that farmers can provide for their families and send their children to school while preventing the deforestation of one of the most biodiverse parts of God's creation.  Learn more about Kaya Foundation at http://www.kayafoundation.org.