Who We Are


Business as ministry for a world without poverty. 

Encourage, equip and connect business and professional people in global partnerships that grow enterprises and create sustainable jobs, transforming the lives of all involved.


Exceptional Service:
 We joyfully empower those we serve, exceeding their expectations.

Innovation: The urgency we feel about ending poverty leads us to address problems with an entrepreneurial approach and respond with appropriate and sustainable solutions.

Never Give Up: Because of Christ’s renewing power, we persistently work on solutions to end poverty. 

Walk Alongside: We have a shared responsibility to hold each other accountable to the voices of the poor - who are often left unheard – working “with” in partnership, not doing ministry “to” or “for”.

Embrace God’s calling: Believing in the beauty and dignity of every person as an image-bearer of God, we intentionally recognize, affirm, and encourage the unique gifts and resources of everyone we serve.

Contagious: We take every opportunity to share our story, engaging and connecting those who are passionate about our mission.