Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Marina Maldonado: creativity is born in the midst of crisis

In some cases crisis can lead to a blessing to people and countries because crisis brings progress. Creativity grows out of agony, as the day grows out from the dark night. It is in crisis where inventive, discoveries and great strategies are born.

This is the case of Marina Isabel Maldonado in the city of Santa Maria del Real, that regardless of conflicts in the community, delinquency, murders, and familiar problems, she has been able to continue running her business. However, she recently had to temporally closed her retail business where she sells various beauty and clothing products and accessories. Marina, though, continued to attend the different training sessions and she attended the retreat facilitated by Taylor University.

During this event, she was encouraged to create a new idea for marketing her business. She is now selling her products by wholesale to other smaller businesses that are not willing to purchase large amounts of merchandise due to the threat of violence.
This strategy, which she is already implementing, is increasing her profits and generating business and employment in the community. Many sellers say they have a more reliable supplier in Marina.

We are confident that Marina will have success with creativity, enthusiasm, and the application of her knowledge, but most of all with God’s help.

“I give the Lord thanks for granting me the opportunity of finding Diaconia Nacional. Through their economic, spiritual, moral, technical and business support, solidarity, and brotherly love that I receive from them I feel confident and committed to give my best in my business and community. Thanks to Diaconia I have been a useful person regardless of the lost of my husband, my mother, and the fact that my children live elsewhere due to the insecurity.
It is not easy, but today more than ever, I feel a desire to work more for my community and encourage them to pray so that God gives this community peace again." 
Marina Maldonado, business owner and DN loan recipient

Marina Isabel Maldonado is member of Diaconia Nacional, one of the Honduras local Business afíliate from Partners Worldwide. Diaconia Nacional offers loan, business training, and continual professional support services to its members with the support of the Partners Worldwide global network.

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