Monday, June 24, 2013

Business plan sessions: one on one mentoring


During the last month, MCM has been posting a new form of training / mentoring where a one-on-one attention is provided to each of the entrepreneurs within the loan program. Within its business loansportfolio of loans,  the top 30 entrepreneurs were selected according to qualities such as business growth, teachable spirit and a desire to continue dreaming for their business. This group of 30 has been divided into groups of 3-4 members for each of them to write their business plan. With the help of young students of Business Administration in Nueva Suyapa and the guidance of the loan officer  Yonatan Venegas, they have been able to facilitate these sessions every Thursday evening. While it is true that a business plan is much more extensive, the idea is to develop the habit of writing their strategies and start dreaming about growth in the short and long term.

Each of these sessions has been very dynamic and motivating. Mutual experience of entrepreneurs has brought more feedback and enriched the sessions. Moreover, many of them have been able to make connections, both for business and also met other entrepreneurs in their community.
The sessions one by one have allowed us to get to know the entrepreneurs closer and to support them in a personalized way. MCM will continue completing these sessions throughout the month of July in order to start a business training of 12 weeks. Each partner who has completed their business plan, will be invited to this training, and receive a diploma of completion. Then, another 30 entrepreneurs will be cosen and graduates of the first class will be the mentors to this new Group and help them develop business plans.

We have no doubt that the training and learning path is still long, but every day we move forward to facilitate this knowledge to those who have the desire to flourish and grow.

Left to right: Yonatan Venegas (loan officer), Rosel Bolton (cloth store),
Iris Cardona (beauty salon), Natividad Mejia (bakery).

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