Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Erick Alvarado: This is my story

My name is Erick Javier Alvarado I am 29 years old and I was born in Tegucigalpa Honduras on February 25, 1982.  I'm single and I have a specialty degree in graphic design. My business offers screen-printing services, graphic design, steel structures, especially designs of displays for supermarkets and others. I also offer general printing services. My business is named Creative Vision and is located in the Guadalupe neighborhood, half a block from Delikatesen, in Tegucigalpa, where I employ seven people and myself.

I started my relationship with Diaconia Nacional when I was buying a plotter (Bigger printer) to print labels of great magnitude with which I had some problems; however, I continued through them to learn new ways to improve my business.
I want to share a little bit about my business. This is a family business, which started with a lot of sacrifice from my father. He died a few years ago installing a panel. That is the point when I decided to get involved in the business in a more regular and formal way. By that time, thanks to God, I had already graduated in graphic design and this knowledge became a value-add to the company. This knowledge has helped me to be successful.

I have enjoyed the connection with Diaconia Nacional, as they are very interested in the spiritual growth of their clients. I am definitely the best example of this statement. Before, I used to attend church only as a habit but I did not have full conviction about God. I knew that God is big and powerful, but I was not yet convinced that He was closer to me than what I expected. I did not fully understand God's calling in my life until the day when I attended a conference in Nicaragua sponsored by Partners Worldwide through the invitation of Diaconia Nacional. During my time there, God made a special call for my life to serve Him. Since then, my life has had a 180 degrees change! 

Currently, I attend a local church where I am the youth leader and work with them in various activities that have led us to the study of the word and evangelism. I learned to listen the voice of God through His word and to be guided by Him. I want to follow his voice directing me how to be a good steward of the family legacy.

I think that Diaconia Nacional and Partners Worldwide are Institutions that reach the exact point of the need for their members. I appreciate their support and enjoy the visits from the Partners Worldwide friends. Thank you for your advice and prayers, which have continue to help me develop my business. To God be the Glory!


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