Friday, October 26, 2012

Equipping Mentors

Early last Saturday, over sixty people arrived at the Verbo Church of Cuenca to learn more about how to be an effective business mentor.  Many had volunteered months earlier to help with the new Cuenca Partners ministry that the Verbo Church is starting, and they were excited to take a concrete step to prepare themselves to mentor small entrepreneurs who will be attending a business training course in January.

Not only did they learn the basics of mentoring skills and how to actively support the growth of an entrepreneur, but they were also affirmed in their own calling as businesspeople serving God's kingdom through their work.  Many commented afterward that they were excited to "be part of the solution" to poverty and to connect with other businesspeople who had the same desire.  God is definitely moving in the hearts of many Christian businesspeople in the Ecuadorian city of Cuenca.

Future mentors receive information to help them effectively support small entrepreneurs

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