Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Business Investing in the Future Generation

Giovanni is an entrepreneur from Nueva Suyapa. He started around a year ago with a food business where he sells typical Honduran food such as fried chicken, plantain chips, and other Honduran snacks. In addition to this, he has created unique formulas of popsicles made of Honduran tropical fruits, cereal grains, and others. These are sold daily in different schools and institutions in the community as well as in his business. Giovanni also takes a cooler to the famous Agafam soccer field and sells to the teams.

Children in the community
God has given Giovanni a heart for young boys, especially those that do not have a father figure to nurture them. In addition to his  own 7 year old son that he dearly loves and that he has been educating with Christian values, he also teaches Sunday school to 6-8 year old boys..

Many boys from the community have joined his Sunday school class and now receive the love and education that many do not receive at home.
At his son's request, Giovanni visited a high-end soccer academy, Futeca, close by Nueva Suyapa. Although he didn't have the resources to pay for his child to attend, through a friend, he was able to get his son a free-trial class. The coach was impressed with his son's talent on the field and invited Giovanni to bring more of the kids he supports at no charge to form a team to play against the kids that are training in the academy.

Giovanni now takes and trains around 25 kids to play soccer every Saturday morning. Some of them have no access to transportation or can't even afford to buy a pair of cleats. But Giovanni says, "Through my business I have been able to support these teams. Many of these kids have no parents and they have found a place where they feel part of a family. In addition, we are keeping them away from being involved in gangs".

Giovanni is an entrepreneur from the Stewardship Christian Ministries (SCM) network, local affiliate of Partners Worldwide. SCM has worked close to nine years with its partner the Honduras Pella Affiliate. The Pella team has made it possible that entrepreneurs like Giovanni have access to capital to invest within their businesses.

Giovanni's team (red) at the end of a friendly game.

Team of children with some of the attending parents.
Giovanni and his son holding the trophy of 2nd
place in the Futeca tournament.

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