Friday, July 11, 2014

Leadership in Public Service

Since December 2013, Cuenca Partners has been collaborating with the public enterprise for telecommunication, water works, and sewers in its city, ETAPA EP, to offer training in leadership and topics of family unity to the public servants who work in the company. Although ETAPA can give employment and a dignified salary to over a thousand people who work in the various divisions of the company, it is the responsibility of each employee to use wisely the money they bring home each month. For that reason, the training seeks to motivate the employees to be responsible leaders in their daily work and also wise leaders in their homes.

Translated Report from ETAPA EP News:

The Family, Fundamental Pillar in Job Performance
ETAPA EP in coordination with the Submanagement of Human Resources is hosting a series of lectures focused on seeking the wellbeing of our coworkers and generating a stronger sense of ownership in the Company. For this reason, the Department of Social Wellness, Industrial Safety, and Occupational Health is executing motivational workshops for the personnel of the company as well as their families.
In topics relating to the company and its workers, the workshops seek to integrate the workers so that they value the importance of team work and meting one of the primary strategic objectives of ETAPA EP, “Improve Customer Satisfaction.”

[Photo: Boris Ordóñez of “Cuenca Partners” during a leadership seminar in the SIAPA building]

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