Friday, April 13, 2012

Saira Soto- Popcorn

Saira is a young woman with much enthusiasm to move forward. She and her family are responsible for managing a small store that supplies food and other basic necessities to the community of Nueva Suyapa. Seeing that the store was doing well, she decided to open a new business- a popcorn business using a special popcorn machine.   So, now she owns her own small business.
One of her happiest moments was when she was able to purchase the popcorn machine with a loan from Stewardship of Christian Ministries, Partners Worldwide’s local partner in Honduras. She had previously owned a machine but it was hit and destroyed by a car that nearly hit Saira. Thank God she was not hurt. Now with the new machine, Saira’s sales have been increasing and she is currently at an AA standing on her loan repayment with Stewardship of Christian Ministries, that is the best level within the repayment system. 

Today, Saira sells popcorn in the Nueva Suyapa fair that welcomes more than 100,000 visitors that come to commemorate the Virgin of Suyapa.

One of her dreams is that she would like to purchase other popcorn machines and be able to sell in other places, this way, she will be able to offer employment for others. Saira has found this to be a profitable business with high demand near schools, colleges, and public places, such as fairs.
Growth and Mentoring Opportunity:
Although this is a very profitable business, especially because her best customers are children, young people, and families on leisure time, Saira finds herself struggling during the low-seasons when kids are out of school or when there are no special events.

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