Thursday, December 13, 2012

Training in Honduras

Business learning

On the afternoon of Friday October 19, entrepreneurs from two microfinance organization, Diaconia Nacional and Stewardship Christian Ministries, gathered in one of the classrooms of the Honduras National Autonomous University (HNAU)and received a class on sales and SWOT analysis.

During the Training
Miriam Hernandez, doing her "elevator pitch" and using
her own shoe to share about her shoe business.
The training began with a prayer and small devotion on the challenges of business and the daily strength that the Lord grants to each entrepreneur. Then, there was an “elevator pitch” ice-breaker where all the entrepreneurs had to present their businesses and who they were in a fun, creative way.
Professor Rafael Nunez, one of the PW Honduras mentors, supervised and mentored three of his brightest students to facilitate training in sales and SWOT analysis.
Regardless of the fact that many business owners could not read or write, it was a learning experience and all the entrepreneurs were able to take something applicable back to their businesses.
Ricardo Alvarez, one of the HNAU students, sharing on sales.

Impacts of Training
Training is more than just a group of people sitting down to learn about a topic in business. It is a way to expand their perspectives and develop them as individuals.
One of the major impacts is that during break time and at the end of the session, entrepreneurs were exchanging contact information and building business connections. In addition, they were all able to overcome shyness and boldly question, ask, interact, share, and talk to the whole group. Finally, training has started building a community among the entrepreneurs since they recognize each other more easily in the streets of Nueva Suyapa.

David Ramirez and Equil Onil, students of the HNAU,
giving the diplomas to the participants.

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