Friday, May 11, 2012

Flor Escalante- Keren Convenient Store

Pulperia Keren is a small convenient store located in the town of Nueva Suyapa.

Flor is a loan recipient from Stewardship Christian Ministries. Her business is well located in a neighborhood with a lot of demand for her products. She is also a top AA member of the program, meaning she has made all of her loan payments on time.  She has used her loan to invest in merchandise for her store, in order to have enough supplies for sale. Her husband is also a businessman who works out of their home, while also helping Flor and their daughter with the business.

Flor has always dreamed on having a larger store to better teach her daughters the importance of working in a business. She also plans to expand the space of her current store due to the lack of space to organize all of her merchandise. This allows her to have a small inventory of products without being able to have enough stock of products on demand.

Areas of Growth:
Flor continues to grow and learn more about her business. However, she needs help in inventory. In knowing how to manage it and organize well her merchandise, as well as to keep track on cost accounting of some of her products.

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