Friday, May 18, 2012

Luis Narvaez - Dinnerware

It is said that success comes on the heels of hard work.  However, many people give up after a few errors or as time depletes their drive for excellence.  That is the exact opposite of the story of Luis Narvaez, who has proven that hard work and perseverance have their rewards.  After giving up an earlier business in a similar line of work, Luis started nearly from scratch to build up a business of selling imported dinnerware.  Drawing from his training in a PCD-Ecuador business class and from his list of contacts from his previous business, Luis began to regain clients and build a distribution network. 

Not only did he start over from the beginning, but he also put in long days of hard work.  While others who are self-employed often take a couple extra days off around holidays, Luis takes advantage of that time to visit restaurants that are open for business and have more time to talk to him because many of their customers have left Quito for the beach.

In this way, Luis has grown his business over the past two years while also improving its management.  When Luis began, he did not even own a computer, but now he not only owns one, but has taken courses to learn to manage his accounting, payments, and government declarations online.  With all this progress, Luis has not let it keep him from dreaming bigger.  He continues to add more clients each month, offer new products and services, and connect with people who offer complementary services.  Luis is truly an entrepreneur who has worked hard to achieve success.

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