Friday, August 31, 2012

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Jaime and Luisa

The couple has started a tortilla business in Nueva Suyapa. When Jaime noticed the high demand for tortillas in the market, he decided to acquire two industrial machines to start the business.  

Working with Diaconia Nacional
Jaime started his business in May 2012. He did not possess any previous experience making tortillas, but after he studied the business opportunity, he decided to go to Mexico to purchase the necessary equipment. 

When they started the business, Jaime and Luisa needed an injection of capital since they had to acquire the raw materials and some other utensils. During one of the loan officers' visit in the area, Jaime and Luisa found out about Diaconia, their work, and the access to business loans through the organization. They applied for a loan and obtained $500 to start. They purchased corn, flour, and  kitchen utensils. In addition, since they produce two types of tortillas, flour and corn tortillas, they purchased a series of materials for their two production lines.

Currently in the Honduran market, the tortilla with the highest demand is the corn tortilla, which is the one Jaime and Luisa produce the most.

Jaime and Luisa have a job order production, but sell directly to the community members who go to their business and purchase tortillas while Jaime and Luisa are making them. They are producing an average of 600 tortillas per day. The price for each tortilla is 2 lempiras or $0.10, which is the price of the competition in the entire market.

Jaime and Luisa see themselves in the future acquiring a chicken fryer to sell chicken and expanding the tortilla business. Currently, they are looking to establish their business more formally and also to acquire a larger market segment.

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