Monday, August 13, 2012

Villatoro Shoemaker Supplier

Ismael Bustillo is a very entreprenurial business owner. From a young age, he learned to work in shoe production. He married Miriam and together they have been building a thriving shoe production business. A couple of other shoemakers have partnered with them. Therefore, as a joint effort, they have been able to expanded their production as well as their market share.

Ismael, is a current loan recipient from Stewardship of Christian Ministries. He used his loan to promote his business and as initial capital but hopes to continue thriving in his business without the need of a credit line in the future. He would like to continue producing with his own capital.

Opportunities for growth
Ismael has been able to increase his sales because Miriam is an excellent salesperson and she finds clients, sells the product, and expands sales to other areas of Tegucigalpa. Although they have been in a number of training seminars, they still see the need to improve sales strategies and cost accounting.
Yoni Arias, MCM Income Generation program director; Yonatan Venegas, PW loan officer; Mirian Hernandez; Ismael Bustillo

Ismael's employees in the different shoe design stations

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