Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Meet Reina Romero

Reina started her business twelve years ago. Before this, she worked in a multinational company and she, along with her husband, provided for their family's needs. On one occasion a lady from church invited her and a group of friends to learn how to make piñatas, and “Since I learned I like it so much, I decided to start a piñata business,” Reina commented with excitement as she shared her story.

"I began making piñatas during my free time in my house. As I worked more on the piñatas' design and developed my creativity and ability, I could design more piñatas. However, since my house is small, the porch was the only place where I had room for them. People walking by admired the piñatas on the porch and started buying them.

Then I set a goal for myself to have the necessary inventory to exhibit and display them in a business venue. Since demand for them was increasing, I had to call my friends from the piñata course so that they could help me sell more. I was not able to hire other staff and my time was not enough.

The business continued growing so I decided to devote myself full time to it, in part due to the higher income I was bringing home.

Finally, I was able to reach the point of increasing my inventory of piñatas.  I was ready to display my product and rented a place to sell them. I also decided to add more complimentary products for parties and baby showers as well as clothes, cosmetics  and seasonal items for holidays (Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine's, and others)."

Reina received a loan with Diaconia to diversify her inventory even more, and be able to fulfill all of her customers needs. Also, she has found in Diaconia the opportunity to give to beneficiary programs and to volunteer as a piñata trainer.

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