Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Meet Reina Romero-Part II

In the January story from Honduras, we met businesswoman Reina Romero and learned about her dream of building a business of piñatas and her love and passion for serving others.  Reina is sensitive toward the needs of others and takes every opportunity to help those around her.

This is an action shot of Reina facilitating training for women from a solidarity group loan of Diaconia Nacional's banking program. These women gather Tuesday mornings at the Nueva Suyapa Christian Reformed Church from 8:00am to 12:00pm.

Reina is teaching the technique to cut the paper to cover the pinata.

This Tuesday, we had the opportunity to join them to get to know them a little more. The seven women in this group were anxious and eager to learn!  The facilitator was also very enthusiastic and shared, "What I like is that these ladies come with all the desire to learn, and that gives me so much joy and satisfaction. I want to offer them other courses where they learn to make other miscellaneous and special gifts for different occasions like Mother's Day, Children's Day and special holidays."

Most participants had never received a piñata course except for Reina Zelaya. When asked why she was taking the course, Reina expressed, "This course has been very helpful, and although I had previously taken a very basic course, I'm learning more! By making the piñata I can practice the theoretical concepts. I have been a seamstress since 1990 and have always loved crafts. In addition, this course will help me as another source of income. One cannot guarantee a high demand and fast economy in the sewing industry, so during low seasons and tough times, I can make piñatas, and then sell them to feed my family. It's good to attend these courses because as women, we must learn all different types of business ideas that will allow us to provide for our family."

We know that just like Reina, there are many other entrepreneurs that are not only receiving from affiliates supported by Partners Worldwide, but are giving back to their communities and use their talents to serve others.

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