Thursday, February 21, 2013

"The Blessing" of Land Ownership.

God is at work in Nicaragua. It is such an honor to introduce you to the beneficiaries of the newest land bank via our partnership with AMC (Local PW Business Affiliate) in a rural area in North-Central Nicaragua. This group of farmers has just started on the path to landownership thanks to God's provision through the Land for the Landless Farmers program.  Please welcome them and pray that they are blessed with good health and good crops as they start a new life at “La Bendicion” (The Blessing).
La Bendicion is one of seven Land Banks benefiting landless farmers in rural Nicaragua.  In addition to land ownership, they also receive training and support in appropriate farming techniques, crop diversification, and a host of other topics focused on helping them maximize this opportunity for their families and their communities. 
Since they were selected to participate in the program they have all been working hard on their parcels. And while the road to La Bendición is probably the most difficult access road in the area, the farmers see it as the road to heaven.   
At Partners Worldwide, we have seen that land ownership accompanied by access to a number of other complimentary opportunities has the potential to transform the outlook and reality of entrepreneurs like these.  For this new group of farm partners, the ground work has been laid and we are resting in the Lord for good harvests and marketing opportunities. In due time, we trust that poverty will soon be a shadow of the past in their lives.
As you pray for the farmers please also lift up the many members of the Land for Landless Farmers program as we seek to create a healthy environment for this new family of farmers to become agents of economic transformation for their families and communities.
Partners Worldwide - Nicaragua

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