Monday, April 7, 2014

Cuenca Partners Helps to Start New Ventures

Rediseguros Brokers and Pizza Nostra are two business ventures that were able to start on a strong footing thanks to the support of Cuenca Partners. “This non-profit organization with a social impact is supportd by a North American NGO called Partners Worldwide,” indicated Carlos Serrano, representative in Cuenca. It is a project that seeks to support entrepreneurs with business ideas that need guidance to put those ideas into practice. Rediseguros Brokers is a business run by the couple Brigitte Cordova and Ivan Coellar, who offer a variety of insurance options.

With a year and a half in the market, their goal is to offer clients a trusted insurance option, advising clients to see the best form of insuring their property, according to Cordova. Pizza Nostra began as the dream of its owner, Patricio Hurtado, who brought his idea to this organization, where Carlos Serrano helped him to crystallize the business. The training lasted two weeks, during which all involved learned to organized their various ideas and put them into practice. The contact for Patricio with Cuenca Partners came through the Verbo Christian Church. (COR)

Translation of story published in Spanish in El Mercurio newspaper on April 4, 2014 in Cuenca Ecuador. Read the original story in Spanish on El Mercurio’s website.

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