Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Passion for Bread

Fernando was born in San Pedro Sula on June 20th of 1986 and currently resides in the city of Sabanagrande (45 minutes away from the capital). He is engaged to his girlfriend Carolina, with whom also shares a passion for bakery and pastries.

Fernando is part of an entrepreneurial family. His aunt started a bakery that today is one of the largest in the city of Sabanagrande. Fernando used to regularly help his Aunt with all sorts of tasks in the bakery.
However, he struggled when he decided to step out from the bakery and find a formal job. Concerned about not having an income, Fernando decided to rent a vehicle and talk to his aunt about managing the distribution for the bakery business. Originally, his aunt baked the bread and different families, small convenient stores, and customers would pick up their orders directly from the store. However, Fernando's vision opened the door for innovation that allowed them to compete with other bakeries by offering delivery services - especially to communities with remote access and little coverage from the competition.

In addition to creating a source of income for Fernando, his vision made it possible  for communities to have access to products for which people previously had to walk long walking-distances to purchase. He also employs an additional person within this business.
As demand was increasing in other communities, Fernando invested a lot of time in analyzing the implications of his income and expense accounting.  As a result, he realized the importance of acquiring his own vehicle to be able to deliver the merchandise.  because his profit margin was very low due to the high costs of renting a vehicle.
Upon noticing the same thing, his fiancé Carolina, who helps him with the accounting and the distribution encouraged him to take the step of doing something different in his business. Being members of a Christian Reformed Church, they heard about Diaconia Nacional, and the loan program for small business owners.
Through this, Fernando was able to get a L. 100,000 ($5,000) loan to buy his own vehicle that has allowed him to grow his business and reach to other communities. Not only that, Carolina, who comes with him during the delivery routes, has been able to promote her business of pastries specialties to the bread customers.
Together they are not only bringing bread to remote communities but also pastry services such as cakes for birthdays, weddings, and other special events.
Fernando concludes that without Diaconía he would not had been able to grow his business.

Diaconía Nacional, a local business affiliate of Partners Worldwide in Honduras, works with more than 50 entrepreneurs in Tegucigalpa, sabanagrande and Olancho. The work of Diaconia Nacional has been supported by its global business affiliate, the Honduras Pella team.

Fernando delivering bread to the communities in Sabanagrande.

Fernando with his fiance Carolina.

This is the vehicle Fernando was able to purchase with the loan.

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