Friday, April 11, 2014

Seminar Planned for Small Business Owners

Cuenca Partners is an international movement of businesspeople and professionals that has as its goal the establishment and guidance of entrepreneurial ventures that provide employment. For this reason, it is currently planning a Business Plan seminar.

The Business Plan seminar is for small business owners and entrepreneurs in Cuenca, who will receive training over the course of several weeks in a practical guide for executing their business ideas.

“Different types of businesses are discussed, with essential lessons such as how to structure a business, identifying your target market, marketing strategies, finance, accounting, and others,” mentioned Carlos Serrano, director of Cuenca Partners. One of the participants in the seminars is Marcelo Serrano, who has a business called Diserval. Serrano said that during the classes he received guidance for his business, marketing strategies, and operational management, according to the needs of the business. Among the objectives that Diserval has identified and attained through this training is improvement in sales and the addition of new stores. Diserval has two showrooms in Cuenca and will be opening exhibition areas in Machala, Guayaquil, and Quito. (LVC)


Translated into English from story run in El Tiempo newspaper in Cuenca, Ecuador on April 8, 2014. Original story in Spanish may be viewed here.

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